Merlich Art Glass

Fine ARt for the discriminating Glass Connoisseur

Meet The Artists

Jennifer Merlich has been creating stained and fused glass art under the tutelage of her father Beglar, for the last 30 years.   She is currently focused on blending her love of writing with her love of glass, as she brings inspiring words from her blog, to life in beautiful mixed media art.  

Entirely self-taught, Beglar Merlich began what would be a life-changing journey into the world of stained glass art in New Mexico in the 1980's.   After searching for a stained glass window for his family's new home, Beglar was shocked by the cost of the mass-produced, poorly constructed pieces he found, causing him to exclaim, "I'd rather just make one myself!"  Armed with only a pair of pliers and a $.50 glass cutter, Beglar set out to create his first masterpiece. Several months and many, many dollars later, his first piece was finished.  Full of sharp-necked swans and lopsided flowers, Beglar's creation cost only slightly more than a new one would have cost him!   Irony aside, the seed was planted and Beglar spent years perfecting his art and his design techniques.  His skill level soared as he refused to cut corners or do things "the easy way".  Because of his commitment to the tiniest details and his extraordinary designs, Beglar became known as one of the premiere stained glass artisans in the Southwest, and his creations could soon be found in homes, schools, art galleries and businesses around the world. 

Upon relocating to California in 2001, Beglar's business thrived and he began teaching stained glass classes to teens and adults in various locations around Ventura County.  His artwork spans themes ranging from unconventional Southwestern designs, to California Coastal-inspired seascapes.  His windows tell a story, and each one is a unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece.